awesomeaustinv’s post about the micro car got me trolling local Craigslist (and that it is Friday so... fuck it) for interesting car finds. Unfortunately CL seems to have been on a long, slow death march for years and today was no exception. However.... I did fine one or two vehicles of note. This one standing out particularly.

[This post was originally from 4/10/2020 at 12:19PM PDT and is updated where marked]


Today I bring you a 1991 Mitsubishi Pajaro located in Oklahoma City and offered for sale for $3,500.

Illustration for article titled Find of the week - USA Mitsubishi Pajero [UPDATED]
Illustration for article titled Find of the week - USA Mitsubishi Pajero [UPDATED]

I was initially very excited to see this. It has the 2.5L turbo diesel engine with intercooler, BFG KO2s, and 62,000 miles. That sounds excellent.


Sadly it is an automatic and has a very inadvisable steering wheel replacement fitted. I assume it was an airbag delete, but who can say.

Illustration for article titled Find of the week - USA Mitsubishi Pajero [UPDATED]

Oh. And the crankshaft is broken.

Yes, apparently, the crankshaft.

I... actually did not know that was a thing that could break. Certainly not a thing I feel like could break without taking quite a few other things with it? Or, rather, I feel like there had to be something else wrong to make this go south the way it did. Slight possibility they mean camshaft, but same with “something else certainly broke with it.”


I’m not sure what these go for, but to be honest even with a knackered engine this might still be a good find. I forget which Oppo recently imported one of these, so maybe they’ll chime in. ITA97 recently snagged one of these, so maybe they can chime in!

[Update 4/14/2020]

Well this fine(ish) vehicle won’t be joining our fleet. My partner, George, was in contact with the seller for a bit, but the seller appears to have gone dark and George isn’t going to chase him.


We did learn a few things from both the seller:

  • The vehicle was purchased from Duncan Imports, a place that I really, really want to go some day
  • The failure happened at idle
  • No tear down has been performed

From research we learned:

  • The engine in this has a whopping 99HP and 177 torque
  • Crankshaft failure is not an unusual failure and usually happens at low RPM... because diesel
  • This particular engine has a counterbalance pulley to relieve stress on the crankshaft. Often the belt will break and go unnoticed, leading to crankshaft failure
  • “Pajero” apparently means wanker in Spanish

I’m sad this little JDM dream won’t be joining our fleet, but also happy we don’t have to deal with it.


[Post from 4/10/2020 continues]


Full text:

1991 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine (2500 TD/2.5 TD) with an intercooler.

Factory Right Hand Drive (RHD)

Super Select 4WD with locking differential

Electronic shock absorber factory option with three settings: S (soft), M (medium), and H (hard) which allows for a change in ride quality and handling depending on road conditions via a switch on centre console.

Nardi Torino wooden steering wheel

4 Like New BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tires -30x9.50R15 and 1 Brand New Matching Spare that are currently on the vehicle but not pictured. Vehicle will also include the tires pictured.

99779.328 Kilometers = 62000 Miles

***currently selling as is***broken crankshaft - currently not operable*** Located at my diesel mechanic’s shop.

Clear title in hand. Will have the vehicle towed to you for free within 100 miles.

Please email for additional information. Still available if posted.

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