Update: I’m a teacher but I have one more week before I go back so this shall be the week of driving around checking stuff out.

Update to the update: budget has increased slightly details to come tomorrow.

Insurance company just emailed me with all the numbers and to let me know the paperwork will be in mail shortly. The payoff is as expected, coming in at $5.2k with and additional $500 coming in as soon as Statefarm pays my deductible for me.


Per the Mrs. Must be 2007 or newer (or make a super strong case as to why its still safe to transport two children under the age of 3). I’m mostly looking 2007-2009 due to the price point

Total out the door cost must not exceed 6k if the car is at a dealership. Note most of the “buy here pay here” dealerships around here don’t have the best reputations.


Reliable and Cheap to operate, per the Mrs. not European. I fully expect it to be from a Japanese or Korean manufacturer with this price point. Domestics would likely need a strong case for them as I am not a huge fan and Volvo is not technically off the table either as we have a awesome local Volvo specialist.

Daily Driver, my daily commute is around 25 miles round trip.

Transmission, whatever, no real preference if the rest of the car checks the boxes.


Hold two car seats in the back seat, one is front facing and the other rear facing at the moment. The rear facing seat won’t switch to front facing for months yet. But I don’t need to put an adult in the front passenger seat as our CX-5 handles those duties.

The obvious short list:

Civic, Corolla, and ????

Zipcode is 20155