Finding a $600 car is difficult.

Looking for a new car for my best friends daughters boyfriend who is the pastor’s son at my church. He managed to kill Chariot’s $200 1992 Celica in about 6 months, and now has $650 to play with.

There are any number of rusted out quarter million mile shitboxes available for $650, but I’d like to get him into something safe, reliable, and that’s going to both last and provide him the opportunity for profit if he wants to flip in the spring/summer.


So far his options are a late 90's Saturn SL, late 90's Blazer, a 99 WJ that’s just outside his price range, a ridiculously high mileage 03 Bravada... Or a 96 MX6 coupe.

Finding a good running car for under a grand is hard...

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