So Oppo on this fair St. Paddy's day, I saw some interesting cars. I which I had pictures, but I was on the bus for one and behind the wheel for two more.

Find 1: A rare car indeed, almost as rare as a four leaf clover. A white Cadillac Allante on my way too school, top down, a middle aged guy behind the wheel. Just like the folks at GM would've wanted it.

Find 2: Something as tasteful and classy as a nice pint of Guiness. A black 1990s Mercedes-Benz SL600, the R129 version. A car that still looks modern almost 20 years after the fact.

Find 3: A nice find like a good pot o gold. A black 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII, barreling down the freeway, letting the V8 work its magic. A majestic sight indeed.

Thank you for joining me on this fascinating day. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to practice my Irish accent for a bit. I've almost got it perfect.