Fourza Round Eleven Post-Race

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Thanks to Acidicheartburn and firewrx234 for coming out their first race of the season. We loved having you both in the race and hopefully you guys had as much fun as we did.


Nurburging Nordschleife results:

1st (16pts) - TjUeBeA83 (BaseTrim), that weird-ass Subaru no one ever uses that somehow kicked all our asses


2nd (15pts) - mackleroy45 (SVTyler), Viper GTS-R which was clearly superior to Corey's Corvette

3rd (14pts) - Corey CC97, Corvette C6.R (meh)

4th (13pts) - Acidicheartburn, Gallardo

5th (12pts) - Cherry man 1 (Cherry_man1), Gallardo

6th (11pts) - Kampfmesser (ly2v8-Brian), SLS AMG GT3

7th (10pts) - Tohru Rokuno E92 M3 GT2

8th (9pts) - firewrx234, Ford GT

Current championship standings:

1st (140pts) - mackleroy45 (SVTyler)

2nd (109pts) - Corey CC97

3rd (107pts) RoboRedMdn1te (RoboRed)

4th (103pts) - IXII Wrath IIXI (TheVancen)

5th (73pts) - Kampfmesser (ly2v8-Brian)

6th (69pts) - Snadeau210 (SN210)

7th (62pts) - TjUeBeA83 (BaseTrim)

8th(60pts) - SYS Spate (That's Engineering?)

9th (49pts) - Cherry man 1 (Cherry_man1)

10th (42pts) - Higu1 (Higu)

11th (36pts) - x1800HowsMyDMRx (Biggus Dickus (RevsBro))

12th (34pts) - sackofcheese (HyundaiAccentsAreFastBro)

13th (22pts) - Tohru Rokuno

14th (14pts) - Desu San Desu

15th (13pts) Acidicheartburn

16th (12pts) - Commodore Axis (Sam Stoner)

17th (11pts) - Kailand09 and Corz69

18th (10pts) - Cmd Woods (K-Roll)

19th (9pts) firewrx234

20th (8pts) - Dsigned

No photodump this week because none of us remembered to save the replay, so sorry if you were expecting poorly-adjusted photos from the same three angles over and over. Next round is 11/30 at Road Atlanta.


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