Completed cPe Intake install, spark plugs, and EBC slotted with red stuff all around.And I just finished my bed in procedure this morning. New tyres to come next week, albeit going with something less grippy and longer lasting then my Bridgestone Potenza S04 Pole Positions.


DISCLAIMER: Not trying to sell this here, just excited I may be able to gain some capital for car projects :)

Hopefully got a guy to buy my 2015-2016 living room PC build for close to my ask. This means I can get pros to install my RMM, intercooler and exhaust versus doing it myself. And my new laptop for 2017 comes in today so I can sell my 2016 Gigabyte P35x6-4K model next maybe for some new wheels.........

WiffleBallTony can attest to how rapidly I go through new tech equipment. It’s a hazard of my job.

Old living room build for your viewing pleasure:

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