Made a post weeks ago about making a spoiler but never followed up on it. Made a post a couple months ago about widening the front fenders but never followed up on it. Well here’s how those projects sit for now as seen through my phones stellar camera.

The front fenders got painted, then bubbles happened. Then they got re-sanded (with the bubbles being filled) and painted again. The driver side is being especially difficult so it’s 3 shades of spray paint and not the same gray as the bumper or passenger side.(because I’ve done this process on it 3 times rather than once for the passenger side which is,”done” and needs no paint. The lines will always be a bit off but that’s alright, at least I got them a bit off in the same spots.


Still struggling with the spoiler, getting the lines connecting it to the trunk even and straight is proving difficult. I’ve nearly givin up on it but I’ll try a little longer since I’ve come this far. I think the biggest issue is that I’m not even sure if I like it, that makes it hard to be motivated when I’m not even sure if it will turn out or just be a cancerous growth on the trunk with weird wavy lines.