The White Claw Rascue is ready to roll!

Last minute prep included getting new rear tires. I took a bath on the tires ($200 for the pair) compared to my normal dirt cheap finds, but I’m just that tired of Thornbirds.


Normally I never see my Gambler theme plans come to fruition. This leads me to cobble something together and send it as is, but this timeI finally did it! And I did so with time to spare! :)

Rears are now 31 MTs from Firestone. Inspection of the bad tire reveals that I was correct, some of the inner plies (if not the belt) were damaged. The leaky tire got put onto the roof, leaving me with two good Thornbirds up front, two good tires in back, and two spares.

Added some stop slip to the transmission (it was low on fluid anyway) and now it even drives somewhat like my parents’ Expedition.


I also added that big light bar to the bonnet and a hilarious mini firetruck siren.


How does it perform with roughly 60 pounds on the roof (gas can is empty)? Just fine. The roof isn’t even flexing. The roof rack is secured using thick U bolts, so the only way it’s coming off is if my Ranger suddenly decided to become a convertible.

Things are messy in the cab..


The guy with the scrap metal for my skid plate had to work, so I never got to add it.

None of the other Rangers on the Illinois rallies have front skid plates and they assure me I don’t need one either, but I’ll still refrain from fully sending it.


More fun to come!

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