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Finished replacing my end links

Front right only took an hour. It put up more of a fight than the front left, so I just went straight for the Dremel. Ground off the old nuts, popped out the old shaft, popped in the new shaft, and torqued down the new nuts.


The rears put up no fight at all and I had both done in less time than it took to do the front right.

No more clunking from the rear! The front links didn’t help my shaking, but I didn’t expect them to. However, I think I may have finally tracked down the cause of my front end problems.


This is the rear bushing on the front right lower control arm. It appears that it has split down the middle and is no longer locating it’s end of the control arm properly. Thankfully I already have a shiny new control arm ready and waiting to go in the car.

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