Finished summer project number one. It's available to y'all now!

So I finished the decision making program. I highly advise you not to look at the code. It’s very ugly and I assumed javascript would work much more like java and it absolutely does not. I still have no idea how floating point arithmetic is supposed to work in this godforsaken language. Plus I kind of slopped this together in like three days spread across a month. 

Anyways. It’ll ask you what items you’d like to compare to each other (ie models of cars) and then what categories you’d like to compare them in (speed, handling, interior, whatever you want). Then it’ll ask you some comparison questions between most categories and items. (about half as many as possible comparisons, if you prefer A to B by 6, it’ll assume you prefer B to A by -6 or 1/6.)

Just remember, if you have no preference in a comparison, answer 1. 1 is no preference, not zero. (Although it’ll change any zeros to ones).


Just download the linked document below and then run it in your browser. (Just opening it on google drive won’t run the script.)

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