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I know that many of my fellow Opponauts are firearm owners, so I thought your brains would be good to pick. (I know many of us are also very anti-firearm. I respect your first amendment right to your beliefs and opinions; however, I have no desire to either proselytize or be proselytized. ^_^)

A friend of mine is interested in getting licensed, but he has zero firearms experience. He asked me if starting with an Airsoft-type gun to practice with before purchasing a firearm would be smart.

I don’t have an answer for him.

I jumped into firearms ownership recreationally with a range queen, but my attitude shifted after Dylan Roof executed nine people after praying with them. Any choices I have made regarding firearms purchases or training, including becoming licenced to carry, have been purely functional and not recreational. I have never thought of a pellet gun as anything other than recreational (although if I had land with rodents and stuff, I suppose a pellet gun could be functional).


I don’t want to tell my friend that an Airsoft gun is a waste of money and time if that is not the case. But I don’t know, realistically. In my mind, it doesn’t line up, because the things that you have to learn in becoming good shooter - recoil management, trigger control, not flinching or reacting to the explosion - that stuff is removed from the pellet experience, right? I mean, perhaps you can learn to aim and fire pellets accurately, but once you add in things like trigger slap, muzzle flip, forward break, etc...all that accuracy kinda just goes in the garbage.

Anyone here find Airsoft practice useful? Transferable? Not a waste? Pretty FC for your time.

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