Hello again, Oppo,

I finished the second and final day of the Canadian firearms safety course which is about the “restricted” class of firearms - mostly handguns, but other long guns which because they look scary (and should be “non-restricted”) have so many other restrictions, namely the AR15.

Honestly, this course is just as simple as the long-gun (or “non-restricted”) safety course but focuses on how the actions/ammunition differ along with the stricter storage/transport regulations.

However, I didn’t enjoy handling the handguns as much as I thought I would. You have to be much more mindful of muzzle control and I didn’t like how different the handgun safeties worked, if there were any at all (i.e. the Glock pistols we held didn’t have a safety switch, there was a 1911 with a grip safety and a safety switch, and a SIG-type pistol with a decocker switch which activates the hammer but supposedly shouldn’t fire the round). They just seemed a lot more finicky than the long guns with which I was much more comfortable. Just like anything else, it all comes down to familiarity and I suppose if you get to shoot a gun even for half an hour you’ll get used to how it works.

Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be getting a handgun soon simply because of the restrictions surrounding it. I’ll be starting with a .22LR rifle simply because: a) ammunition is very cheap; b) no magazine capacity restrictions; and c) it’s the least intimidating of guns and will come handy when I inevitably invite friends to come along shooting.


Anybody have recommendations for a high-capacity .22LR rifle? I was looking at this cheap Mossberg Blaze. Since .22LR rounds can foul up your gun this will be a total pain in the ass to clean since it’s a plastic case held together by sixteen screws. On the other hand, there’s this STG 44 reproduction which I think is awesome since I like WWII guns, and the only centrefire rifle I know I want is the M1 Garand (reproduction or otherwise) since I think it’s so cool.

I still have a long time to do some online research since I won’t have an actual license for a while (at least one month, but I’m projecting closer to two months) but some help from fellow Oppo firearms enthusiasts would be appreciated. Keep in mind I’m in Canada, and large calibers become expensive very, very quickly which is why I’d like a nice .22LR for now until I get my hands on an M1.


I’m looking forward to a lifetime of responsible firearms ownership. This is the most excited I’ve been about something in a while.