I like this car. It’s an attractive, nice-sounding super sedan, so I guess what’s not to like.


I have two observations. 1) It’s interesting to me that this is the 577hp GT 63, not the 630 horsepower GT 63S, because from what I can see, this thing is rocking about $20,000 in upgraded brakes, wheels, and carbon fiber alone. That’s damn near the difference in cost.

2) For the umpteen thousandth time, I give up with Merc’s new model/naming scheme. The regular 2-door AMG GT, which is sort of the closest thing they have to a halo sports car, is available as a base, S, C, or R, which are 4 different power outputs of the same engine. Then there’s this “4-door coupe” version, which is available in the US with only this 63 (not called the “R” despite using the same tune for the 4.0 V8 TT as the top R 2-door coupe) and the 63S, which not to be confuse with the 515hp S coupe, makes 630 horsepower. And in Europe, you can get a 43 or a 53 version of the so-called AMG GT 4-Door coupe with 362 and 429 horsepower I6 engines respectively. Oh, and then there’s the CLS 450 and CLS 53 AMG, which for some God unknown reason is is an entirely separate sedan that is also called a coupe, looks basically just like the GT 4-door, and makes identical power to the GT 43 and GT 53 respectively.

What. The. Fuck.

I get leaving the AMG GT as it is, with the 4 models or whatever, because I guess there’s a need to compete directly with the 911.


As for the sedan...

a) Stop calling it a “4-door coupe AMG GT.” Just stop. All the swoopy big sedans can go under the CLS name.


b) I’m willing to overlook the fact that the numbers are now meaningless...but give us the CLS450, CLS550, CLS 63 AMG, and CLS 63S AMG. We don’t need two seperate, nearly identical model lines with 50% engine overlap.

UPDATE: Since this was originally written, Mercedes has brought the GT 53 4-door Coupe to the United States because apparently there were still a few people left in America who hadn’t been sufficiently confused yet.

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