First and last NFL post

I stopped following the NFL when I decided two things were true.

First: there is a not-terribly-unlikely chance someone’s going to die on the football field, and I don’t want to be watching when he does. (Plus I hate to support the ongoing brain damage they’re all enduring.)

Second: I was tired of being disappointed by my team.

Not saying which was more important.

Anyway, been checking Twitter rections to today’s beat down in Houston, and some of the comments are entertaining.


Background info: the Colts have a wide receiver named T.Y. Hilton who historically seems to absolutely own the Texans on their home field, but one of the Houston players decided the week leading up to the playoff game was a good time to call him a clown.

Hilton started the day by showing up in a clown mask.

Hilton, playing with a bad ankle, then had 63 yards receiving today. On the first drive.

One notable reception surrounded by 3 defenders. That Andrew Luck is pretty good too.


Some particulary funny (to me, sorry Houston fans) comments follow.


Thanks for indulging me. I’ll refrain from further NFL content, if for no other reason than they’re not going to win the SB this year so I’ll be depressed again if I follow them closely.

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