It was over the course of Saturday and Sunday, the layout was 0.7 miles long and naturally very technical.

Mostly thanks to the minis carbon fiber hood it got classed as a street modified, which is a class that it’s not competitive in being almost completely stock minus the downpipe and intake. SM is a class that allows engine swaps, forced induction, aero, and all the suspension can be modified.

Every car that wasnt on a slick was on Bridgestone Re71r’s

There were about 30 cars the first day with everyone getting 6 runs total.

The first run was finding the track so it was off pace, then throughout the day my runs bottomed out at 1.11, the fastest overall car that day was .58 and everything else in my class was closer to 1.05.

The people were fantastic, Spent alot of time listening to an experienced driver talk about the importance of weight transfer and where to position the cones as you pass.

By the end of the second day with a slightly slower course I was 0.09 seconds off of the driver who’d been giving me advice in his e92 m3 on re71r’s. Still at the back of the pack time wise but I’d almost beaten someone, and was only 3 seconds away from the rx7s leading the SM class.


A couple people were encouraging me to go checkout autox in Medford so next sunday I’ll be headed up to Oregon for more. Hopefully this immense sunburn will have died down a bit by then.

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