Illustration for article titled First AutoX ever at PITL, what a blast!

Had tons of fun at yesterday’s event, put on by PITL (Push It To The Limit Autocross series), with lots of 86's out there (and even an AE86). Blew a gate on my first and last run, but did not hit any cones the whole day!


Set a slow 76.484 time on my second run, improved to a 71ish second time on my third run... and I know I still have more in me, and to learn as well.

Will definitely sign up for the whole series next season. For 40 bucks including breakfast and lunch, its hard to go wrong, and I know there is a series discount as well. You can check out their website for more info.


Here’s a video of my 3rd run. I know, I need a new GoPro.

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