First Car Accident Yay!

Yes, within two weeks of my first speeding ticket, I went through my second “right of passage” as my mom called it. I was heading to a baseball game, doing somewhere around the 55mph speed limit. Right as the Tahoe in front of me moved over, the light turned yellow and I saw a man standing behind a minivan waving for me to stop/look out. I panic braked, but the kid in the Crown Vic who was tailgating me did not slow in time. The van was much closer than the fisheye lens makes it look.

Both cars suffered moderate damage, but just bodywork. The driver of the Ford was cited and his insurance will cover it. Turns out, the van had just rear-ended another car, and they were just getting out.


Two other humorous parts of this story.

1. The deputy who responded asked me if my car was an Audi or a Saab.

2. The other kid’s Crown Vic was a newer model and had recently been bought from the very sheriff’s department that responded. The kid somehow still had the insurance card from when the car was owned by the sheriff’s office, and accidentally gave that to the deputy. He informed the driver that his department would not be covering the accident, and the kid found the correct insurance card.

Bottom line: Nobody was hurt, I wasn’t at fault, car is repairable, all’s well that ends well. Also, even though the cops didn’t ask to see my video, I’m very glad I had my dash camera.

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