As the ones who read the last sentence in my introduction post may already know, I do not have a car yet and it'll probably stay that way for atleast another year or so.

However I am already saving up for one, but I absolutely no idea what it should be. This is why I ask you. The problem is that being a hipster I do not want something ordinary. By ordinary I mean common first cars, which in case of Germany would be Hatchbacks and Superminis like the Golf/ Focus/ Astra or Polo/ Fiesta/ Corsa. Then again I would consider a Hatchback if it was something unusual or really fucking cool like a Volvo 360 GLT:

Other than that, I do not have any real regulations concerning my first car, make, model, bodystyle and drivetrain do not really matter to me, although manuél would be preferred. However the car should be somewhat sensible, insurance and taxes must be affordable since these are fucking ridiculous for people of my age (my cousin pays ~ €2300 a year to insure his 1.4 Mk.1 Focus, despite having done driver safety trainings and having been accident free for nearly two years). And of course it should be decently reliable (looking at you Lancia Beta) and shouldn't cost more than 4000€.

Any recommendation is welcome and will be rewarded with a hug should we ever meet IRL. Oppo, do your thing and help an indecisive fellow Opponaut! Peace out.