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First Cars and Coffee Experience

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Finally managed to crawl out of bed before 7 on a Saturday to wash up the GTI and take it to Nashville Cars and Coffee in the two years I’ve been living here. It’s been about 5 years since my dad got rid of our ‘79 911SC, but the “old car burning fuel and oil like a real machine” smell will never leave me, and that smell wafted into my nostrils the moment I pulled up, resulting in me being hit with the strongest nostalgia punch I’ve felt in a long, long time. It was intoxicating. Don’t have any additional pictures to post, the mid-morning light and my iPhone 6S Camera were doing me no favors. Other than that it was awesome to see how well-behaved everyone was although the pissant revving from a few Civics and Mustangs was a little annoying. I’m sure the Nashville crowd loves my Blackhawks sticker on the rear glass


As far as my car goes, it’s driving me bananas how quiet it is, especially after disconnecting the artificial sound producing Soundaktor on Thursday. Coming from a Flowmaster 40+high flow cat I6 Jeep, this thing sounds nearly silent. My clogged ears from being sick a few weeks ago probably isn’t helping, but this thing needs some life breathed into it. From what I’ve gathered the cheapest, most sound-effective route is to do a resonator delete and being frugal is high on my priority list right now. Anyone have experience with that res delete?

All that is to say, if you’re a night owl like me just try and hit the sack a couple hours early one Friday night and get out to your local C&C, I’m glad I did.

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