First Cordless Mow - EGO 56 Volt 7.5 Ah Mower

It was finally dry enough out yesterday for me to get the lawn mowed. We have had one or two dry days this month so far, so the grass was pretty high in half the area I mowed (6-8" roughly). I forgot to take a before picture. The front long is half hay field I swear sometimes. No fancy turf or anything here, and I had the bagger on.


Overall I was extremely impressed at two things, One: The automatic variable blade speed. The mower senses higher load from thicker grass and speeds up the blade speed as needed. This came in handy in a few areas that would normally bog the crap out of my gas push mowers. Two: The range of the mower. I was able to mow exactly how much lawn I was hoping for. The pictures show my front yard, sides, and middle area. Behind the garage is a similarly sized large backyard. I typically had to stop and refuel the push mowers around the same mow time, and I would usually take a water and cool down break before mowing the back yard anyway.

The recharge time for the massive battery, with included quick charger, was roughly 40 minutes to 4 full bars, or 1 hour with full charger cool down. The rapid charger is a little noisy with it’s air cooled fan, but if you leave it in the garage you would never know.


I also used the self propelled feature for most of the lawn, mainly to slow myself down since the grass was so high, and I wasn’t sure about the capabilities of the mower. I also used the mower battery to run the weed eater the day before I mowed. I attempted to top off the charge but the charger did not register that it needed charging.


I would say I really like the features the EGO 56V 7.5 Ah mower has to offer. It is my first bagger and I took advantage of that, the range is perfect for my needs, it is about as quiet as a mower two blocks away, the motor didn’t bog like my gas mowers, the variable blade speed system worked well, and the self propelled worked well even with the hard plastic wheels. I also really like that the whole thing folds up and I can store it upright in a much smaller space. This also makes cleaning the deck out much more convenient. The battery fully re-charged and cooled down, ready to use again in about an hour.


The cost of entry of this mower was fairly high for a push mower ($499) however, if you did not want a self propelled version, it knocks off $100. It certainly lived up to my expectations, I have much much less maintenance, easier storage, quieter mowing, better portability, and no more gas jugs!

This mower gets the Nerd Racing seal of approval!

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