First crash of the year

It happened last night returning home from work. Not entirely sure what happened, but I lost control of the car when it tried to fishtail and I tried to correct it; the car fishtailed worst as I over corrected it. It did a 180 spin and landed in a ditch; the force of the impact apparently turned the engine off.

Despite the engine off, the air was still on (blowing cold air, oddly). Took me a bit to realize that the engine was off, and I had to Turn the car off then on again.


The impact also messed up the drivers side front tire, as it keeps losing air fast. I filled it up to 32 psi, and after help came it was down to 17 psi. Best case scenario, the tire popped off the rim.


In the end, I’m ok. I have two other cars at the house that I can drive instead, which I’m extremely thankful for. It’s just a bummer that this was needs to be sent to a shop.

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