Not that standings matter at all, but I managed to come in 98th out of like 130, so didn’t come in last! 5th out of 9th in the novice class. The most important part though was my times improved from 74 seconds on the first run to 63 on the fourth. That’s pretty incredible I’d say. First three runs were with instructors and I did the last on my own. Somehow didn’t end up off course on any of my runs but the first two were definitely chaos and I didn’t know what I was doing. By the end of the fourth run, I just wanted to do another ten runs. Maybe just keep doing runs until it was dark. Then put lights on the course and keep going until I literally pass out on the course lol. More of a writeup to follow after day two tomorrow!

Uhhhh which one is my car?

Good thing I numbered it, might have mixed it up otherwise! Note to self, choose an easier number to tape to the car.