Just wrapped up my first day working my new job at a locally-based computer manufacturer! I’m in the RMA department starting out doing glorified data entry that requires a fair amount of computer knowledge to do. RMA’d computers (for example, Amazon doesn’t sell all their stock and sends it back to us), come in, we disassemble the brand-new computers back to components, I stock them in and check for damage/shenanigains, and they can be reused. Base pay is only a dollar per hour more than I made at my last job, but raises are frequent if you’re a good worker and they encourage frequent moving around in the company. Since RMA works so closely to Tech Support they encourage us to take a break from RMA and work the phones for a while every 6 months, and make the Tech Support staff do our jobs so they realize what actually has to happen when they tell someone to just send in a computer for repair. Kinda cool.

Also, in the winter we’re so slammed with work that we can get unlimited overtime. People would stay until 2am doing assembly line work once they got caught up on RMAs and end up with a 70 hour week. Also they’ll pay for certifications! Hopefully I can get some certs, brush up on programming, and get promoted into the software development team or a managerial position.

Absolutely stunning Jaguar XK for attention.