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First day of Preschool is tomorrow!

My son has his first day of school tomorrow. Of course I’m anxious and excited for him and will be spending the day getting all of the necessary supplies we have accumulated together and ready.

The school is a local chain with a number of locations. Perhaps I’m being unduly demanding, perhaps it doesn’t much matter, but should I be concerned that literally every email that we have received since signing him up has been riddled with spelling and grammar errors, omitted words, blank spaces where they apparently intended to go back and fill in the blank before sending but apparently forgot, etc?


I’ve already let it go... It’s not higher education, it’s preschool, but my god man. C’mon. Spellcheck, proof read, ask a friend. Something. Anything.

Edit: Curious about something. At what point did we stop using “Mr/Mrs last name” and switch to “Teacher First name” when kids addresses their teacher? Is that a recent gender neutrality thing or did it happen a long time ago and I'm just old af and out of touch?

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