That is how I spent an hour of my afternoon. On the right is my old school computer, a 2011 Macbook, which I bought from the school at the end of last year. On the left is my smaller, DVD drive-less, and completely awesome school-issued 2014 Macbook Air. I am thrilled with both. Also, I was surprised to find that, when I applied for a parking pass for the school lot, the only vehicle info you provide is the license plate. No make, model, type, VIN, registration, or even color. Just the plate number. Which sucks for me, because I have the normal plates for the next 2 weeks until my vanity plates get here, at which point my car will begin receiving tickets until I figure out how to change it. Also, I'm happy to see a large amount of legitimately cool cars in the student lot, including plenty of older metal. Sometimes, going to "Hollywood High" has its benefits.

On a funny note, I briefly talked to the Explorer-flipping kid at one of the Wednesday night car shows near my house. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I actually took a picture of his new car: