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First Drive in the Jetta

I finally got the Jetta buttoned up this morning, just in time to take it to the Warwick Police Department for a VIN inspection before I register it on Monday. And you know, it just might be a good car.

When I got it, the CEL was on, along with the ABS and brake lights and the traction control light. I changed the rear wheel speed sensors, bled the right rear brake (changed the caliper), topped off the fluid, and cleared the codes. All of the lights went off and have remained off, though I expect the CEL will come back on because that code was for the flex pipe, which I haven’t fixed yet.


I also did an oil change with 0w40 Mobil1 and filled the tank with premium. The car was running kinda garbagey this morning, but it may have just been old gas because after filling the tank it ran mint. Lights all work, as do the windows, wipers, and heated seats. The horn doesn’t work, so that’ll need to be looked at.

On the road, it’s good! It rides nice, handles well, it’s quiet and rattle free, and it’s comfortable. The tires on it are some almost-new Falkens, but the wheels are GROSS and need to go. I might just grab a set of steelies to throw the Falkens on, and then pick up a set of summer tires and 17s after the winter.

Here’s my costs for the car so far:

Purchase: 1 Toyota Celica race car ($500).

Right rear brake caliper: $85.

Brake pads: $70.

Oil and filter: $35.

Wheel speed sensors: $15.

So by my calculations, I’m into this car for $705 right now. I’m not including the cost of tools I’ve bought, but even if I did that would only add $250 or so for a nice code reader that does SRS/ABS stuff, a Mityvac, a brake caliper tool, and a bolt extractor kit I didn’t have to use.


For $705, it’s an excellent car. No complaints (yet). 

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