First drum brake job

After two front disc jobs, I got around to doing the rear drums on our 2006 Sienna today. They’ve been squeaking and vibrating slightly for years. I watched a video a couple times beforehand, but I false-started twice on reassembling the brakes on the first wheel. Eventually I went back to the video mid-way and figured out the one right order of putting it back together. I find it’s easier for me to understand this sort of thing after I’ve worked with it myself hands-on for a bit, even when I’ve watched a video.

If you’re doing one of these Toyota drum brakes, there’s a three-piece sandwich of the parking brake lever, rear shoe, and some sort of balancing lever; the return spring goes in first, then assemble with the horseshoe clips, then you can put the sandwich around the hub and attach the return spring to the front shoe.

The second wheel went pretty quick now that I had internalized the strategy. I was ticked off to find that one of the spring pins was missing on one of the shoes I had bought, which I specifically picked out so I wouldn’t have to press out the old ones and reinstall them. But! I did, and it worked.


Smooth brakes again!

Here’s the video I used:

And the SMA reference video:



Hardware kit:

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