First few days with the new car... what a difference.

Going from a 2001 3-door coupe to a similar sized 2011 5-door hatchback. From 1.6 liter NA petrol (converted to run LPG) to 1.6 liter turbodiesel. 110 factory horsepower (with some having fled the barn due to age and running on LPG) against 92 hp now. And 140 Nm at 4000 rpm to 230 Nm at 1750 rpm now. Boy, that's a change in character!

But... I'm loving every moment of it so far. And the mileage seems pretty decent. A tank of 60 liters of diesel, an estimated 800 km left, and over 480 km done on first full fill.


Will I hit the 1200 km on a single tank? It would be nice, but assume that to be overly optimistic.

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