First flights/crashes of the season...

The wind was down around 3~4 Mph, with occasional gusts to 8~10, I figured it was still enough to take the Dynam Primo out for the first flight of the year. Got it up without incident, flew it around a bit, remembered how the controls work (its been almost two years since I last flew)... It was so close to a perfect flight day... I dropped too low on a pass and clipped the fence-row trees, but the plane took no damage that required I stop flying - just a couple dents on the wing leading edges


So up it went again... About 7 minutes of noodling around, playing with the flaps, and flying into the wind at near-zero ground speed, All good so far... Time to bring it in for a landing. About 4 feet off the ground a solid 10mph cross-wind flips it sideways right at my head... I managed to avoid hitting myself, but it side-slipped right into the landing gear and broke it off :-P. 4 hours for the glue to dry... But It will fly again!

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