I am thoroughly impressed with this for sure

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but this is actually faster than the fastest LSx and Hemi powered cars (LSx fastest is 6.11 from what I've seen).

From what I've seen, this is his current setup. Pulling this from a forum I'm on.

the current one that ran in the 5s is using another teksid block(water in the block - NO FILL!!!), 00R/GT/GT500 heads(water in the heads), 11.25:1 compression, twin 80s pushing 62PSI, and now running methanol(no power difference between meth and gas, but more consistent in changing weather). ~2550HP@10,000RPM is the last number i heard, but with a race weight of ~2575lbs they've gotta be closer to 3000HP to run that 5.92!

BTW, 95% positive that this is the quickest car on the planet using OEM mass production block and heads in the 1/4! even if the aforementioned LSx surpasses mihovetz number, it sure as shit won't be with OEM mass production heads, and a production LS block will be a ticking time bomb!

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