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First Full Day In Kyoto - First Impressions!

Public transport - lack of English aside, it's brilliant. Once you get used to the system, it works really well. Everything is smooth and efficient - it just works. I also noticed that most of the technology isn't even very new, in some places it's looking old and tired. But hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! And even if you don't speak or read Japanese like me, don't be afraid to ask around. People will help you as much as they can. Trains are quick and efficient. Airport buses are fantastically smooth and quiet. Public buses kneel to make it easier to step on and off. And also, buses have machines that give you change, should you not have the exact amount. It's really very good indeed. I haven't tried taxis yet though.

Food - sweet merciful cupcakes, the food here is good. Sushi and sashimi is a heck of a lot cheaper than in Hong Kong. For the past two nights, all we've done is bring salad and sushi back to the hotel to eat. It's sooo good.

Environmental quality - again, brilliant. Noise levels are great, there hasn't been a single honk for hours, whereas in Hong Kong I hear a honk every 30 seconds. Everything is clean too! Even the trucks. I also noticed that the trucks are usually decked out in more chrome than usual. Nice touch.


Jalop-ness - if you like kei-cars and JDM minivans, you'll love Kyoto. They seem to like original Minis too, I've seen three today!

More to come!

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