Das Junk.

2007 VW Jetta, admittedly the first Volks I have any time with. It's a Wolfsburg edition, I don't know what that means. It's a manual, and it's pretty bad. It just seems really stiff and the gears can be hard to find. I'm sure thats because the car is far from perfect. The center stack just looked really plain to me. The most exciting thing was the hole in the exhaust. BRAP BRAP. BRAP. Wait, what was that? BRAP. Oh and only the driver's door works. So that's interesting. THAT CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING: RACECAR. It all makes sense now. It even had natural weight reduction! Plus the clutch disengaged right near the top of pedal travel, making it easy to rev it a little to get it out of the snow. Wheelspin!

I don't care much for this car. Probably the least fun I've had making a First Gear post.

First Gear is a new column, about a kid, a car lot full of new cars, and a habit of noticing random things. It's written from the view of a Ford dealer's lot attendent who for some reason thinks you care about the cars he spends very little time in. He also thinks you actually care about his random thoughts and will randomly post them to Oppositelock at his leisure. Just don't give him an excuse to break into full reviews. He can't handle that level of greatness.