Wait. We have a Fiat? Why?

This is my first experience with a 500, and I realize that maybe the way I think about them could change. There's seriously a lot of room in the car for me, and I'm 6'. The seats are soooo comfy, although I haven't tried the rear. I liked the way the interior is laid out, easy to read gages, controls within reach, it just seems like a very-driver friendly car. I really thought the body colored piece across the dash was a nice throwback to the days of old. It had a quarter of a tank when I was in it, and it was already saying low fuel. Huh? Trunk? I can not fit. Engine? Well there's one there, it just might be hard to find at times. Surprisingly, as light as this thing is we have yet for it to be stuck in the snow.

Most of my First Gear reviews bash the cars in them. This is one of the few that doesn't. I honestly think I'd love to romp an Abarth down a twisty road.

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