First Gear- PennDOT Van

Turn down for what? I can't hear you.

Another E-series! Today it's a 2006 E-350. DEEZEL DEEZEL DEEZEL. Yes. Gas vans are cool, but diesel ones are that much cooler... so long as you don't want to carry a conversation. I really don't think the doghouse quiets the 6.0 very much. Speaking of dogs, it's got dog dish hubcaps! Probably the same exact ones you'd find on a car made in the 70's. And it's not ugly DOT yellow! Blue! Which seems to be the other color these vans came in besides white. And it's just the way PennDOT likes their vehicles. Basic. But it's got power windows and mirrors! And the same radio headunit found in pretty much every Ford since maybe 2002? Shelving for tools in the back. OOH AND BRAND NEW GOODYEAR WRANGLER DURATRACS GIMME.


Although by now I've driven a ton of DOT vehicles, this has got to be the nicest yet. And my favorite.

First Gear is a new column, about a kid, a car lot full of new cars, and a habit of noticing random things. It's written from the view of a Ford dealer's lot attendent who for some reason thinks you care about the cars he spends very little time in. He also thinks you actually care about his random thoughts and will randomly post them to Oppositelock at his leisure. Just don't give him an excuse to break into full reviews. He can't handle that level of greatness.

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