My dad is about to sell his first gen Toyota Tacoma. So I figured I’d make a little video with it before it’s gone, and to see what makes this little truck so special.

The first gen Tacoma, introduced way back in 1995, is old enough that it’s a bit of a throwback truck. A throwback to a time when compact trucks were actually still compact. They’re simple, a bit plain, very utilitarian, and not pretending to be anything other than a truck.


There is something nice about a used compact pickup—they’re perfect for bombing down dirt roads. They’re old enough that you’re not quite so worried about scratching them up. And small enough to fit on tight trails but still be very capable machines.

My dad’s 2001 4x4 Xtracab still looks pretty nice for a nearly 20 year old vehicle. This truck spent its entire life in Massachusetts, enduring hard winters and icy roads coated with salt. Several years back the frame developed catastrophic frame rust, and it became one of the many Tacomas that had the entire frame replaced by Toyota under warranty. But other than that one little snafu (ok, large snafu), this has been an incredibly reliable truck for him.

I’m sure he’s going to miss it—heck it’s very likely he’ll completely regret selling it. And I should probably buy it right? Do I really need car #9? I don’t have a truck in the stable at the moment...

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare and want to see more of my dad’s cool little compact truck, check out my video below:

How about some overly artsy photos for his Craigslist ad?


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