I did my first HPDE with the BMW CCA this weekend and it was awesome. I brought my FiST out and it did pretty well in a field of much higher horsepower cars. I got 8 separate 24 minute sessions on the Thunderbolt course at the New Jersey Motorsports Park.

My FiST and my grandfather’s E30 M3

I was in the beginner group with a whole lot of newer M-cars, a tuned S60R, a Hellcat, Audi S6, GT500, ‘17 Camaro SS, C63S, and some others. I had a great instructor who helped me a lot and got me to the point where I was comfortable on the track. I definitely improved my driving and understanding while I was out there and I really started to understand what the Fiesta is capable of. The Fiesta was getting crushed in the straights by almost everything my run group but when it came to the corners I was able to sneak up on a lot of the faster cars. We had 2 in our group spin out (Hellcat and S60R) but it wasn’t a big deal and we were all out there learning and having fun. There is so much more to learn in the FiST before I even think about stepping up to something with more power.


The car did get a little hot twice so I had to take things slow for about 30 seconds each and then I was back on the power.

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