Man was that fun. Four 30-minute track sessions and though the temperature did creep up to the 3/4 mark, the car never had a problem, and made the hour drive home just fine. I’m so happy with how well this car drives on the track. The staff at Dominion has got it figured out, the event went so seamlessly between sessions, it was basically non-stop cars on track all day. The weather held out which is crazy since 24 hours before it was 80% thunderstorms in the forecast. We didn’t get a single drop.

I definitely need to get a few things before the next event. I have an aluminum radiator on order, which should solve my temperature issues. One of the tires seems to have chunked a bit and has exposed cord which is not good. Some padding for the harness shoulder straps is also high on the list, as they rubbed into my neck pretty hard. Lastly a pair of gloves would be super handy (HA) since the stock steering wheel is such a small rim I have to grasp it pretty firmly what with no power steering and all, and the rough texture gave me a few blisters by the end of the day.


All in all it was a phenomenal day. It’s so crazy to think that just ONE session is roughly the same seat time as an entire year of autocross. Roughly 45 seconds/run, average 5 runs/event, around 9 events/year = roughly 30 minutes of driving. When you do the math for the money too, it’s a much better deal there as well. $35 for an autocross for 3.75 minutes of driving is $9.33/minute of driving. $220 for this event for 2 hours of track time (120 minutes) is $1.83/minute. It’s a bargain!

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