First impressions: Nicht Deutsch gar

Some good, some bad.

Complaintsabout the interior:

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Its a very nice and comfortable interior that houses a tiny centre console storage area that is padded interestingly (the carpet can be easily taken out) with no USB charge points. Additionally it gets hot very quickly.

The seats are flat at the butt, yet very supportive of your back, specially thanks to the inflatable kidneys.


the steering wheel is nice, yet the paddles have a few rough cuts, so does the tacky carbon fibre look trim.

the touch screen is great! but it wobbles when you touch any of the top corners.


it also has an FCA boot chime sound... I’d know because it sounds exactly the same as my WK2.

The keyless entry system is also hopelessly impractical because rather than putting a sensor behind the door latch, you need to press the button first and then open the door.


Also, and this is for Brian Griffin, the seat does retract but only like 5cm so its still an odd climb out of the very low slung car.

the fake carbon fibre trim inside is also kind of tasteless, I wish the car came with the US trim.


talking about fake carbon fibre, the keys are plastic made to look like leather.

Also, some interior bits feel as if its over-torqued and rattle a little. Not that’d you’d notice somewhere with half decent roads.


And its not a German car:

Because Apple Car Play and Google Auto don’t work great, the car connects to the phones via wire and then android auto turns on my phone’s bluetooth, the car wants to pair with it so it cancels android auto. three out of five times it did not work.


The boot’s feature of opening up as you approach also only works a few times of many.

also, when you start driving the car stays in camera mode and it must be disabled manually.


these three things show that a little bit more thought could’ve gone into it, as I doubt those shortcomings would’ve seen the light of day in a BMW or an Audi, heck, even a VW.

Comments about the interior: After all those complaints I must concede that it is a great interior to sit in and that I’m only nitpicking. its incredible.


I expect the car to be mechanically sound, the dampers felt quite hard on any setting and the exhaust is hopelessly muted.

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