First Impressions With New Upgrades

I’m attaching a four minute YouTube video. Quick disclaimer - my daughter filmed and she was VERY excited so don’t mind her little babbling lol. I was on edge as I haven’t driven this car in almost a month and was listening for everything.

Wideband definitely is toast, so couldn’t give it much for throttle. However, my boost response issue is fixed. It’ll build 22-24 psi by 3200 RPMs now. I immediately got out of the pull because it was breaking up. There was no knock detected thank goodness and injector duty cycles were low. Therefore I kind of assumed I wasn’t running lean, but didn’t wanna chance it.


Here’s what I think so far:

Open downpipe is definitely loud, especially with a wastegate dump. However, it’s absolutely amazing and seals the deal that I’m going to bumper exit my exhaust as soon as I address my oil cooler line issue. I need to convert to braided AN lines as the exhaust runs right by them.


The turbo sounds are simply orgasmic. Even my daughter can’t stop smiling. Nudge the throttle and “ppssssshhhtt” and it just gets better. Let off the throttle and the down spooling is just ridiculous. My little Evolution 3 16G sounds like a big boy turbo.

The gutted interior isn’t as bad as you’d think. No more interior rattles, and that alone is great. No regrets.


The car is running insanely rich, when idling it smells like a chainsaw and shoots fireballs. When the wideband comes we can get a proper tune and tune for 9:5-10:3 or so under WOT and have it where we want it.

However, the one pull I did do before it started breaking up... it was crazy. It wanted to eat, started to eat, and when tuned, it’s gonna eat.


I really love the sound of the open downpipe. If you’re cognizant about having it, it’s not crazy when cruising. When you get crazy though, everyone in a three mile radius knows you’re sending it, and it just makes some glorious noises.

I really love this car, and can’t wait to do more. Few cars can stimulate the senses quite like a 1G DSM, it really is something you can’t appreciate unless you’ve owned one. Either way, enjoy the video.

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