I think similar headlamp design is being used on the upcoming Kia GT Sedan.

Hyundai just released renderings of the next generation Azera prior to the official unveiling next month. Looking pretty classy, but we all know it’s the taillight design that has been the Azera’s signature. Let’s have a quick peek at the evolution of Korean car design:

L: 1986-1992
LX: 1992-1998
XG: 1998-2005 (This was when they tried switching to alphanumerics).


TG: 2005-2011
HG: 2011-2017


IG: 2017-

So hopefully when everyone complains about the rear being a knockoff of the Charger or brand new Lincoln Continental, you all will know better. The Azera design is derived from the heritage of past generation models, which were mostly Mitsubishis. So the rear end is a knockoff of late 80s/early 90s Debonair derrieres. Sit on that!