Today I did some work on the Miata, starting the process of track prepping. First and most essential mod was the Flyin Miata Front Sway bar. It was an easy half hour or so to just put the car on jack stands, take off the stock bar, and mount the bigger, stiffer bar. Then I did my maintenance item for the day, swapping the spark plug wires to try to solve my Cylinder 2 misfire. Everything went back together easily and I later washed the car and drove home. This was also the first wash! So of course I had to stop during the canyon run to take some photos.

Decker road was my test route to make sure the sway bar swap went well. I had taken the same drive the day earlier in order to make a thorough comparison. Here is another time I had been there:

The difference between stock sway bar and the FM bar was night and day! I felt like going around turns was sketch and unpredictable yesterday. I had to take everything slow just because the body roll was an adventure. Then today with the FM bar, every turn was solid and I could carry way more speed the whole way up the hill. I also observed the difference between the 5spd in this car and the 6spd in the other Miata. Wow what a difference the 5spd is! I can leave the car in 2nd gear much much longer and not have to shift every three seconds. While I don’t mind shifting often since it’s fun to do, it is kind of nice to not run out of gear.


So far so good with the spark plug wires too. The NGK wires are the ONLY part to use on this car. None of the other brands seem to work according to the forums and now I think I’ve seen it first hand. I know I’ve always run with them and even though mine have a solid 20k or 30k on them, they work just fine. I have new ones ordered and on the way, but I had the others in the “parts car” so it’s good for now.

Looking forward to doing some more work tomorrow! New shifter rebuild kit from Miataroadster just arrived along with some new tools!


Hoping to get both cars in the shop tomorrow so that I can swap over the exhaust, do the shifter rebuild, and then start the roll bar removal. It’s gonna take more days to finish that I’ll get there!