First maintenance performed on the STi!

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I didn’t take any pictures or videos during the process but it goes something like this, only with a lot more struggling to put the damn intercooler back on:

When I bought the STi about a month ago, the only thing I observed wrong with it (other than the tires) was a peculiar starting issue where it would grind the starter every once in a while. Soon after that I ordered a new starter from Rockauto for ~$100 and finally got around to installing it this past weekend. I had not experienced the starter grind in a while but I figured it was good preventative maintenance before I either end up stranded someplace or grind down the teeth on my flywheel.


The repair “seemed” simple enough requiring me just to remove the intercooler and then replace the starter. Since this was the first time ever working on this car or any car with an intercooler, I figured it might take a little bit of extra time. Getting access to all of the bolts was easy enough and it all came off easily. However, reconnecting the starter was confusing and the damn intercooler was hell to put back in. I eventually figured out the starter without bloodshed but the intercooler required a bit of serious struggling to fit the upipe hose back on the bottom. It was just a clearance issue where you had to line up both hoses as well as fit the thing within the frame and AC lines. So it was a puzzle piece solved with sweat and blood.

Due to my struggle, I definitely have a bit of a leak from the uppipe hose, causing an annoying little whistle. This is only occurring when the turbo is spooling and I cant hear it over the radio. Plus its not resulting in much if any actual boost loss (that I can feel) so I am unconcerned for now. I will try adjusting the clamps again but I think I may have torn the edge of one of the hoses, causing it to not seal properly.


But at least now the car starts MUCH better! I didnt even realize it was starting poorly since it was just how the car was when I bought it. It wasnt obnoxiously bad, just took a little bit longer and didnt sound perfect like it does now. It is definitely better with the new starter and cranks right up good as new!

Overall this was a good first repair experience on the Subaru. I was working on the Miata Valve cover at the same time, whenever I got frustrated with one I went back to the other. So it took me about 3 hours to complete both. This would have certainly taken longer with just hand tools but my little Ryobi electric impact has come in handy.


I do not believe a car is fully bonded to you until you have shed blood on it. This marks full commitment to the car!

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