OK, Oppo hivemind, assemble (especially ImmoralMinority and Tripper!) We technically bought the wife’s van brand new 5 years ago and it’ll be paid off in a few months, but the title is still accurate for me. I wanted to wait until that van was totally paid off, but when opportunity knocks...

Long story: I’ve been “stalking” this Alltrack for over a year and it’s still freaking available (along with a red one with tan interior). When you hear that VW is killing the Alltrack after 2019, this stagnancy makes total sense. The local dealer told me yesterday that 80% of ALL SALES are JUST the Atlas. What. The. Hell?


Since we already own a large family vehicle, we decided it makes little sense to have a fully redundant car. The wife also wants to occasionally drive something that does the job of getting the kids around, but without the 16mpg, floaty ride, and massive girth of the Odyssey.

Although this is a “base” S model, it’s really more a mid-range Golf (since Alltrack itself is already an upmarket trim of the Golf Wagon).

The biggest kicker: Since this is so old now, they’ve basically told me I can have it for under $24k. Sticker is still about $30k. They’ve already told me they’re losing money on this, even after dealer holdbacks and incentives, just to get it off the lot before all of VW’s remaining floorplan incentives expire (and they’ll be stuck with it). They’ve even parked it WAY off the lot because their hopes are pretty low at this point. Had to make room for 30+ Tiguans, too.

There are only a couple Alltracks left in a 500-mile radius and then that’s it. Forever. And the 2019 still has the 7-year bumper to bumper warranty on it, which is huge for a car that might have a spotty repair future. And in 7-8 years I could just hand it down to my son.


The reviews are generally fantastic, I enjoy the drive (it’s like 90% of a GTI’s performance, but with twice the useful space). It doesn’t have all the features I really want, but with inventory as limited as it is, pickings are very slim. I could sit back and see what shows up at Carmax over time, but even 2017 models identical to this are still selling over $20k. I wish it had the 2.0t and not the 1.8t, but for most daily driver it’s not far off.

Seems like a no-brainer, but I’d love to get an Oppo sanity check!

Oh, and before you state the obvious “What a bland color,” I want to share what swayed me on that issue — Marrakech Brown. Last time I checked, I still spend all my time inside the car, not outside :)


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