So I dug out my new auto ramps, ramped up the Accent and successfully tried to zip-tie up a slightly damaged splash guard under the engine.

I also looked for rust (I get an undercoating every year) and found a little surface rust on the four corners within the wheelbase, mostly at the ends of the rocker panels. Thinking I will try and get it all sorted this week or next to keep Humdrum going and rust free for awhile longer! For a 8 year old car with 140,000kms living in the Atlantic Canadian rust belt of winter saltiness, I’m pleasantly surprised how clean it is down there. If these relatively small surface rust spots are all I have to worry about right now, I’m glad!

Under the drivers door on the jacking point - all surface rust. The passenger side is fine. Thinking is from a slight shunt the car had before I bought it that knocked the front fender back a few millimeters - the bolt on the left is the lower rear bolt that holds the fender on, so guessing the shunt cracked the paint. It didn’t looks like this when I got the car, nor for the past few years, so guessing the paint finally flaked off to expose the metal to rust a bit. I tapped at it with a screwdriver and it is definitely still perfectly solid!
The same spot from a different angle...didn’t realize that plastic mud-guard clip was that loose!
The same rust spot looking from the inside-out - lots of undercoating still protecting things on this side!
The drivers side rear corner before the rear wheel. A bit of surface rust here as well, but nothing too bad! The undercoatings have done their job...
The rear of the passenger side rocker panel before the back wheel - again, a little surface rust, but nothing major! Will have to get this sorted as well...excuse the lens-finger!

I checked the driver’s side front edge of the rocker panel, but all looks pretty clean there - no rust that I can see!

All and all, pretty rust free down below! :)

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