I saw this truck on the way to school. It had a split front window, like an H1, but the body was much more curvy. It was also really high off the ground. The grille has 3 or 4 rows of circular holes and it had two small-ish round headlights on either side, aligned with the bottom of the grille. The roof reminded me of a bowler wildcat. It was fairly curvy and there were no rear side windows as far as I could tell. I passed it in the opposite direction so I didn't get to see the back and I couldn't read the badge on the front, which was located above the grille. I could tell the badge looked like a name written in a heavily stylized font, maybe 5 or 6 letters. Anyone know what it could be? It's bothering me that I have no idea what it was. Sorry about the 30 second sketch.