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I don’t like ordering online, but I took someone I trusted opinion and ordered a door lock actuator from Things just went downhill from there.


To start off with, they didnt have the actuator for my year, ‘07. My trusted source said to go to ‘06, and indeed a actuator was there. This will be important later.

So after I tear apart my car door a week later, I find out I have the wrong part. Actually, the latch assembly and actuator are one piece. The piece they sent has no latch assembly, nor did it have a place to connect either the inside or outside handle. I double check online, they listed it wrong . I called them up, tell them I want to return it, they say “sure, we’ll send you an email.”


We get said email, and they want us to pay to ship it back. No, we got the wrong part, so I refuse to. I call them back up, tell the guy what’s going on, and he starts criticizing me for buying a ‘06 part. I try to tell him that all the gens share the same part, he says I’m wrong and refuses to cover the shipping charge. Afterwards, I talk to my brother-in-law, who knows the Grand Prix inside out and indeed, all years of this gen share the same part. I don’t even feel like returning it. Thinking of maybe selling it on eBay.

I really don’t like buying blindly online.

Update: I called Rock Auto again, then still want me to pay to ship the part back. They basically said there supplier is right, therefore I’m wrong. And “other customers were happy with it”. Unfortunately, the manufacturer Dorman makes it as a generic replacement for all Pontiacs from ‘92-’06. On a binge of curiosity, I called the aftermarket part manufacturer, Dorman. Nicest lady I talked to all day. Said if there’s something wrong with their catalog, they’d love to know. I’ll be calling again on Monday when their tech help is in. This way, they can see it doesn't fit.

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