Shirts, no no no and no. Jacket, meh. Pants and shoes, friggin love them! Overall, I’m happy. Only keeping the pants and shoes from this order. The fit of the shirts was not good, way too big around my stomach. The jacket fit well but made me feel like Mr. Rogers.

Yes I know I need to clean the mirror

Total for all five items would have been $270 with the 25% discount for getting everything. But I hated the shirts so much I just couldn’t which sucks because that would have a hell of a deal. But I know I never could’ve been happy with those shirts. The jacket... I don’t know I could’ve figured out something for it.


Shoes $140 - which is by far the most I’ve ever spent on shoes but they’re really nice.

Pants $60 - screaming deal for the quality and fit.

Already placed another order, hoping to get better shirts that actually fit. I’ve left feedback on every item, so we’ll see how the service improves from here.


My first Bombfell order should be here Wednesday. They do previews, so I went back and forth with the stylist a few times getting items I would like. Pretty excited for them to actually arrive.

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