First Page of CL Challenge

It’s been a bit so lets do this again, and see what we get. Remember no filters, first page only 4 cars to your fleet.

my first choice this manual X90, 4WD, and only 74k miles. Asking price of 3,000 seems like a goo start for negotiating .


Car number 2 is a late model 944 Vert, non turbo, but at least its manual and seems to eb in very goo nick. seller is asking a absolutely bonkers 15,800 for it. chop the 1 off and you got a deal.

Car #3 is A freaking Mini, like a real one. I got some really good choices this time, I had to go back and make sure my “manual only” filter wasn’t on. If you look in the background you see a Suzuki Alto Werks, and what is most likely the same 944. Any way this is a rat top, 78 Austin Mini wit some nice chunky wheels. Seller says everything else is original spec, and is also 9900.


you gotta have a truck so I’ll go with is big Burban. It’s not a diesel but it is incredibly clean inside and out. asking price is 2700


i just realized that 3/4 cars ave some sort of convertible function.

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