First-person view from a model train

I recorded this yesterday at the Grand Strand Model Rail Road Club in Myrtle Beach, SC. I just so happened to meet the admin of their Facebook group and he accepted my request: to run my GoPro Hero2 on my six-axle lowboy flatcar. I had to record this in portrait mode since the GoPro is too wide to fit clear the tunnels and signals. Even then, the camera came within a 1/16th of an inch from making contact with the edges of the tunnel entrances and, if you listen last minute of the video, you can hear the plastic trees brush against it!

Here’s the fun part:

  1. Mute my train video
  2. Set speed to 2.0X for my video
  3. Ready “Star Guitar” by the Chemical Brother, the music video length version
  4. Hit play on my video
  5. Hit play on Star Guitar
  6. Enjoy~

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