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So, for those of you not in the know, I came back for more punishment late last year in the hands of a fully loaded (including the very rare Phone setup) 2005 VW Phaeton - (click here for the story) with 101,000 miles when bought, and now 2,200 miles later,


So, As mentioned, near bald tires and a bad right side headlight were the only blemishes when I got my 2nd Phaeton. I thought the bad headlight would be a common replacement job (it can be done without removing bumper) which we did, me and some handy buddies - but despite replacing the headbulbs the light would NOT come on.


Instead , when turning car on and new bulb there= fried headlight fuse. No VAGCOM codes. It could've been bad wiring or a bad controller The suspect (and culprit) was indeed the Headlight controller ballast, and that one does require the bumper to come off. (cue sad trombone) So this needed professional help from some Indie shop. I had the car waiting for a couple of months to put the money together. It finally happen and here's the story

The tally so far on first round of maintenance:

$400 for 4 Firestone tires on ebay (including shipping) 75% thread left

$160 to mount/balance tires

$380 to take bumper off and on, replace headlight controller (at Indie VW/Audi shop)


$120 oil change

$180 used headlight controller on ebay (New OEM is like $380, WTF?)

Total: $1,240

Plus - Nokia Phone ($40 on ebay) and Postpaid account - $20

$1,300 to bring my Phaeton to working other - no codes at all! not even the TPMS annoying ones.


Awesome! Let's see how much it lasts!

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